Monday, March 02, 2009

the FLU with FLAIR
Saddled with fever, chills, sweating, headaches and dizziness for 5-7 long, rotten days? Why not paint your nails?

That's about as creative as I got last week when Aubrey and I were bitten by the bug.

In the picture above, Aubrey is on the upswing. My Flu started a couple days after hers, so at that point in the week, I was in the throes. Hence, no picture. We took one, but it's so bad I can't bear to post it. The pain crease between my eyebrows would fill a plastic surgeon with glee, and, well, I'm not wearing a bra under my t-shirt, so I spared you all -- all three of you who read this.

Fortunately, Dane and Mick haven't gotten it. I'm not sure they'd go for the pink/red nail thing.

Mick's inhaling an anti-viral every day, specifically prescribed by our doctor for this strand of Flu. And, Dane? Well, I guess we've just got our pretty little fingers crossed for him. So far so good...


Shelby said...

Can i see a picture of you w/out a bra on? So pretty:) glad you're on the mend girl!!

Danigirl said...

Thank you, Shelby!
I've been wracking(?sp?) my brains since this post trying to come up with some witty comment...

Anj, I'm glad you're feeling better... hope your boobies are feeling as perky as you are, now that you're on the mend.

Love you!

Cyrus and Annie said...

We had that nasty old bug over here too...we were sick for a week then recovering for another...YUCK.