Wednesday, March 04, 2009

ScienceWorks hires Miss Anjie

I sent the local hands-on museum two course proposals for their 4-6 year-old day campers -- and now I've got myself two weeks of summer teaching fun. Can't wait.

M is for MAMMAL Camp

The purring cat, the digging gopher, the swimming whale and the laughing hyena all have something in common with you: They’re MAMMALS! Learn how we mammals are alike – and how to recognize other mammals around us. Make edible elephant cut-outs, sculpt crazy clay zebras, and craft your own toothpick porcupines as we delve into the world of mammals together.

Sticky Slippery Messy Mix-y Texture Camp

What better way for curiosity to lead to learning than through the texture – and sometimes taste! – of a good mess? Whether testing the viscosity of cornstarch-and-water, the hardening powers of paper mâché, or the total tastiness of no-bake chocolate cookies, everybody will love observing, exploring and experiencing the world of the ooey-gooey.

Come on! You know you want to be there, too!


Anonymous said...

Anj -
This is absolutely (and the kids) are going to have so much fun.
CONGRATULATIONS. I' so excited for you.
I never cease to be amazed by you!
Love, Mom
(I'm so glad I just decided to take a peek...I'm the first to se this...yippee)

Shelby said...

This is about the fact that you don't look like Sharon Stone, but more like Kate Winslet. Serious! Even your boobs look like hers. I've seen them; all of them!

Danigirl said...

Sounds like fun!

Love ya!

Danigirl said...

I meant doing the camp thing... not seeing yours, Kate's or Sharon's ta-ta's... 8^0

anjie said...

ahem, i mentioned on another blog that people have told me i look like sharon stone. hence, my old roommate shelby's racous comment. :)

thanks for the props, dani. xo

Anonymous said...

Ashland is indeed blessed to have you in town. What a fun time you and your little ones will experience.
Science ?World? is fortunate to have you to latch onto. I can see you leading other classes given throughout the school year. They'll see your results after these two summer camps and WANT MORE!
Way to go, Anjie!!!!!