Friday, March 27, 2009

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Anonymous said...

I know the kids could manage but could you?

Would schedules overlap? games and practices @ same times but different places? Could Mick or other parents help you if you've a conflict? How would this a/e ffect your summer teaching? Perhaps their soccer/softball/baseball/gymnastics will be done by then.??? Bet you've thought of all these ideas. Right?

Like I say I know Dane and Aubrey would love their involvement in these sports. Think of Aubs just finishing a strenuous gymnastics/swimming workout and then on to ??? Your kids are troopers and would love this challenge and contribute alot to their teams. Let me know what you decide.

One advantage you have is (I think) every location for these activities is close. Right? or do you go out of Ashland for games?

Did you ever get your Science Works schedule?


Anonymous said...

What is your decision Anjie?
I'm curious as all get out????? Wonder where that saying comes from???? Anyway, am curious.

Anonymous said...

Curiously, I just googled (saying "curious as all get out").
So fascinating sites to visit and surprisingly one on ""Coraline and her curiosity" - a rather lengthy synopsis of the movie. Is it a synopsis when it's so long? A fun read for D & A - certainly recaps all.