Monday, January 12, 2009



Yes, yet another reason to love Ashland. What a great idea, an MLK potluck celebration. And our host isn't even from here -- she's a recent transplant from New Orleans. How cool is that?

Marigny (pronounced MARE-IN-KNEE), Aubrey's friend Nora's mom, is having a shin-dig in honor of the late great doctor on Friday.

I've decided I'm bringing a sweet Southern Pecan Pie, which I just learned was his favorite dessert. I've never made a pecan pie before, but, for The Doctor, I'll try.

In our three years living in Marin City, filled with the largest population of African Americans in Marin County, I never attended a potluck in MLK's honor. I wish I had. It probably would've opened my eyes to yet another layer of understanding regarding racial issues -- although I believe my friendships from my time there provide quite a bit of that. (Seeing the Tuskegee Airmen parade through our little community was unforgettable, too.)

You know what we're doing down here in Ashland to celebrate the life of a man who had a dream, why don't you let me leave you with a thought:

If you don't have dinner plans on Friday, why don't you join us by gathering some friends around your house and hosting a potluck in honor of a great man who had a vision for equality for all people?

If you do, let me know how it goes. You know I'll be eating a bowl of chicken gumbo from my "New" Orleans friend - and some kickin' good pecan pie.

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Natalie N said...

What a sweet "New" friend! There's nothing like southern cookin' that will bring people together... well, except for of course, Dr. King. What a great reason to celebrate! Please post the recipe and share how it turned out!