Monday, January 26, 2009


Guess who raced in his first downhill competition?

Saturday was the kids' third day of a 6-week introductory course with MARA (Mt. Ashland Racing Association)--and look who chose to race the first race of the season!

Dane was excited to participate and ready to learn what had to be done. He got to race the giant slalom course twice, each time earning a 1 minute 50 second time. The second time he even took a big spill, but got up and stuck his ski back on in order to finish, which means he was cruisin'!

His classmates, who mostly chose not to race, stood on the sides cheering Dane on, shouting out how awesome he was. And, just so you understand the joy and generosity of that: the winner raced it in about 26 seconds and the average racer came in under a minute.

So, given that Dane had a great experience putting forth his personal best, you'll probably agree that he's pretty freakin' awesome, too.


Danigirl said...

How cool is that!

Go Dane Go!

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Dane!
Love, Mema & Poppa

Natalie N said...

Way to go Dane! I think that takes major guts to ski at such a young age. I love the description of his classmates cheering him on. Too fun!

The kids checked out a "Magic School Bus" book from the library, and I was thinking of you guys while reading through it tonight. Parts of it are still over my kids' heads, but it was still entertaining for them. For some reason those books always remind me of Aubrey & Dane. Did they used to bring those books over to my apartment or something?

Anyway, I had this realization that I now have grownup kids just like you had back in our M.C. days. And now, look at Dane & Aubrey--more grown up than I ever could have imagined a few years back. Would someone please slow down time?!