Thursday, January 01, 2009


This photo isn't meant to be some sort of metaphor for the new year - or the old one, for that matter - although if that works for you, feel free to embrace it.

No, this photo begs the question:

Does anyone else have this problem with poinsettias?

I mean, I love 'em and pet 'em and name 'em George -- and look what happens.

I just don't understand,...


Anonymous said...

I lovc them too, but same thing happens. Maybe it's hereditary?

Anonymous said...

HOW'S THIS FOR HELPFUL? They've possibly been overwatered or allowed to dry out. Either???? Duh!!!

I do know that most plants die from overwatering.

Mike and Erica ( Ho-weird's wife) mentions that one looks at the soil. Is it dry or or wet, If dry - guess what? Try watering it.

Mike continues, if wet, take the plant with its' clump of dirt around the roots, out of its' pot. Let the dirt dry out until it is slightly moist and return to the pot. Then, WATER IT TO DEATH, and you'll have your wilting poinsetta again.

So how is this for helpful?


Kari Quaas said...

Hey Anj,

The poinsettia is a tropical plant that belongs in Hawaii. They need humidity and warmth.

Next time you go to Hawaii, check the roadside, they're everywhere.

Kari : )