Sunday, January 18, 2009

Netty's Brag Page - The Cousins Issue

My cousin, Lane, has four children, two children with Usher's II Syndrome. Children with this condition lose their sight and hearing typically by the age of 18. Lane and her husband, Todd, have faced this challenge with aplomb. They've created the Hear, See, Hope Foundation, hoping to find a cure by raising thousands and thousands of dollars for research with Oregon Health and Sciences University (OHSU). Here's the link to a Seattle KING-5 special that aired in December about local children experiencing something "For the First Time," where her infant boy, Dalton, receives cochlar implants and hears for the first time.

Mick's cousin, Andrew, who was a little fifth grader (I think) when I met him, is now an amazing and accomplished athlete. He swims competitively for Louisiana State University and was recently chosen to swim for the US Swim Team at the 18th World Maccabian Games in Israel. What a stud.

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