Wednesday, September 03, 2008

first day of school update

Can't find the device to upload photos yet, so I'll have to just give you some text.

First of all, let me assure you that the first day outfits were grand. Nothing fancy, but grand in that they were our first elementary clothes that weren't uniforms! (The verdict's still out on whether that's good or bad.)

Dane wore running shoes, khaki skate shorts and a red striped polo. He also sported a sweet new haircut Pops gave him yesterday morning.

Aubrey wore her old fav, the old Hello-Kitty-face-in-sequins t-shirt, a turquoise fleece sweatshirt, a denim skirt, and her Converse hightops. That felt really cold, though (even though it got hot later), so she wore pink valour sweats under the jeans skirt. Braided ponytail in back with rubber band above and rubberband below the braid. Yes, she was that specific when I told her she had to let me do her hair.

Aubrey's in First Grade w/ Miss Nancy. Aubrey came home saying she'd noticed a girl named Paije/ "She's cute, Mom." Of course. Well, that's one new friend!

Dane's in Second Grade w/ Inge. He said he played with a cool kid named Zane today. The Dane/Zane rhyme wasn't lost on him, either. So, there's another new friend.

We walked to school and met the crossing guards, who make it a point to learn all the walkers' names. Crossing Guard Pam told me that parents often let their kids walk to school solo b/c she gets them across Siskiyou Blvd and watches them down to Crossing Guard Linda (or whatever her name is), who then sees them across Ashland St and on to school. Dane thought that sounded really cool, but I said No Way Today, Buster. At least not for a while -- for Mom's sake.

After school, cousin Barritt (grade 3) and Jude (age 4) came over and played with Dane; Aubrey went to Gymnastics class at the Y with Indi. After Gymnastics, those two stayed and played here, too. Lots of hot tubbin', Polly Pockets, and role playing.

Aubrey loved gymnastics.

I think everybody's going to bed happy tonight.


Anonymous said...

Dane & Aubrey,
It does not surprise me that you've already met new friends, Zane & Paige (or was that Paije?) - that rhymes with your middle name, Aubs, Sage.

Anjie, your description of the kids' school garb was so vivid. Without pictures, which will be nice later, I know I visualized you both just as Mom described you.

I had Kai in a backpack or stroller the many times we went with Mick to and from school in St. Louis when Grandad was getting a degree in architecture - that's 36 years ago when your Dad was 5 and you Uncle Kai was 1/2 a year old. Oh, fond memories. And now you are creating such memories. also. Wonderful.

Keep these blogs, emails, letters and phonecalls coming. I miss you all very much.


anjie said...

I love you, Grammy. I can't wait to see you again. At our new house. Please come soon. Love, Aubrey

Hi Grammy, I really want to see you soon. Do you know the date that you could come? Let me know when you do! Love, Dane

Anonymous said...

All I know right now is that Grandad and I will be in Ashland for your and B's birthdays. We've not made reservations yet, but will as soon as Grandad can give me some days when he can be away from the office. I'll let you know exact dates as soon as I know them. Well, I just called Grandad and he has doctor and dental appointments on Oct. 7 & 8 so he sees us flying south on Friday, the 10th for a weekend Barritt celebration. I'm trying to encourage him to stay 2 weeks. We'll see???

We're so looking forward to being with you, your family and Uncle Kai and gang.

When do you and Aubrey have soccer practices? Have they started? Will you have games, too? If so, when? I know Barritt has one or two games every Saturday. Auntie Dana called the games - skirmishes.

I can't (but must) wait to see you, Aubrey & your Mom & Dad in your new home, school, dental office and environ. That will be SO MUCH FUN!

Lovingly and with God's blessing to you all,
P.S. Thanks, Aubrey for your second message.
Soon, will be here, well - soon. We'll try to patiently wait for soon to come.