Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Both kids are adjusting well here in Ashland. They're making new friends (Logan, Avery, Paije, Ella, etc.), having a blast with their cousins, and thriving in school and on their sports teams.

They still miss their old friends, though. Aubrey often mentions her little pal, Gia, and has spoken with her on the phone and sent emails. She's also emailed Ms. Perez and invited her to come for a visit. (And she might! shhhh.....)

But Dane really, really misses his best buddy, Josh. He's written notes and drawn pictures -- for "Josh Skywalker from [his] buddy, Dane Skywalker" -- and he's spoken to him on the phone as well.

Since school started, Dane has told me nearly every day that he feels like he could cry when he thinks of Josh. In class, he tells me he just has to keep it together.

One day in the van, though, he really did lose it. Really bad. He just broke down sobbing during a quiet moment when we were on our way to pick up Mick from work. When he'd
gathered himself a little bit, we talked about it, and he came up with this: "Mom, the only time I don't feel like crying about Josh is when I'm with Daddy."



KUrlie said...

Such a sensitive and loyal boy! Too bad Mick isn't in 2nd grade with him, he'd feel so much better and Mick would probably fit in just fine;)What a super sweet kid you've got there. I just love him to pieces.

xo, K

SFNielsens said...

Oh, that just breaks my heart. How sad for Dane. We had some real tender moments the first month or so, so I can only imagine how much more intense it feels for Dane. He's so likeable I hope he finds another Josh real soon. miss ya guys!