Monday, September 22, 2008


Dane: Sometimes a book can make me cry.
Logan: Me, too.
Dane: Do you want to know what book makes me cry?
Logan: Yeah.
Dane: The Giving Tree.
Logan: Oh, me, too.

Well, thank you, Shel Silverstein. Me, too.

Check out the review I wrote of it a couple years ago at this link. For the record, I'd UP it to 5 now. After hearing my boy talk about being moved like that, it deserves no less.


Anonymous said...

This is just so heart rendering to be able to get into your and Dane & Logan's thoughts on reading and how it affects ones emotions.
I just finished the Kite Runner and was able to feel with the characters what they were experiencing and to know the author was able to draw me in so intensely and vividly. I went through the joys & tears, the love & hate, the caring & nonchalance.
Boy, good books like The Giving Tree and The Kite Runner can really touch readers' hearts. Keep reading you all & keep writing.
Thanks for sharing, Anj.

Natalie N said...

Great review, Anj! That dialogue between Dane & his friend was too precious for words. Makes me want to run and check this out from our library today.
We miss you guys!
p.s.--your comment on my blog still has me giggling. You're too funny!