Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Quote(s) of the Day and the Essence(s) of Cool

We're at the dinner table listening to Lenny Kravitz sing "Rock N Roll Is Dead" and Aubrey says, "This sounds like it could be on Dirty Jobs."

You might have to know the Dirty Jobs theme song and be part of Mike Rowe's fan club to get that one, but she is so right. Same twangy bass sound and rhythm. (If you're curious, check out what a babe/dude Mike is here. Our whole family loves this guy. Karen, you have to read that article -- his reflections on guys in opera are hilarious.)

Anyway, a beat later in Lenny's rockathon, Dane says, "You know what I want to be when I grow up?" He's got a glimmer in his eye and he's nodding his head: "An actress and a rock star."

Really? Actresses are female, buddy.


Of course, I'll be encouraging him to be an act[whatever], a rock star, and his first ever career idea, a paleantologist -- if I can swing it....

If he sees this clip below, though, he might never look at another dinosaur.

Here's the smooth, cool Lenny Kravitz, folks. On Letterman.

So you see Mike Rowe, you see Lenny Kravitz, and you have to ask of each of them: just how much cool can one man have?


KUrlie said...

Nice Dane-o. You can be all three things if you really want to...and I, for one, think a combination of the three might work in your favor. A Paleactstar, or a Rocktressologist, perhaps an ActrePaleoRocker. I like it. Nothing cooler than those, not even LennyHottieMcHottersonWho's HotterThan?Kravitz.

Natalie N said...

ha ha! An actress! good one, Dane! Your kids are both getting too grown up. I love hearing about the fun things they say and do.