Thursday, September 04, 2008

It's Back To School with
Miss Nancy's Class in the Ashland Tidings!

See if you can find Aubs...
To read the article click here.


Anonymous said...

I do see you, sweet Aubs - your beautiful blond hair, turquoise sweater and right up front. I KNOW YOU'LL HAVE A WONDERFUL YEAR WITH MISS NANCY AND CLASSFRIENDS. THEY WILL LOVE YOU AND LIKE BEING AROUND YOU JUST LIKE MISS PEREZ AND WILLOW CREEK FRIENDS LOVE YOU. Some pretty strong non-God comments, though. But He can handle them.
Grammy, Mom & JJJ

anjie said...

which article did you read? i didn't see any negative comments about the almighty...

anjie said...

Dear Grammy,

When will you come to see us? I miss you very much. You are my favorite grandma in the world. I love you so much. You are kind to me and I love you and you are nice to me and I love you so much. You are so nice.

Love, Aubrey

Anonymous said...

I've tears in my eyes reading your sweet thoughts. Thanks so much for you note.
Love you too.

I read the article and then the 7 comments re: article.