Monday, June 16, 2008

Introducing Dr. Mick!!

Not only did we sneak Dane and Aubrey up on stage when Mick walked (about four families did that!), but Mick was hooded by his fabulous, lovable, newly graduated Endodontist brother, Kai -- an honor bestowed on graduates with a dentist family member or mentor.


KUrlie said...

I am SO SO SO SO PROUD of you Mick!!! Congratulations Dr. Reynolds:) And Anj, you look hot.


Shanana said...

Congratulations Mick and Anjie! We'll stalk you on the blog periodically to see what the Reynolds family is up to. It has been fun knowing Mick through all these crazy times! Good luck in your new home.

Natalie N said...

WOO-HOO MICK!! Congratulations to you and this great accomplishment. I think that's so cool your brother got to hood you and that you sneaked your darling and well-behaved kids up on stage.
Anjie, you're beautiful as ever, and I love the dress you're wearing! Thanks for keeping us posted.

Anonymous said...

Mick. Congratulations!!
The pictures just brought the day right to us. So wonderful that Kai could be there to welcome Mick as his colleague. A proud day for you, Mike & Jan, to see your sons'
successes. Handsom family, every one!
Love, Sharen and Don

Shelby said...

Dr. Mick, you're a rockstar!!! We love you and are so proud. See you in just over a week and we'll celebrate even more!

Anonymous said...

How pleased we are to have spent the celebratory graduation week with you, Dr. Reynolds and family. And to have Kai hood you, Mick, was the icing on the cake. You surely did surprise us, you great secret keepers. What a week!
Mom & Dad, JJJ & Mike and/or Grammy and Grampa