Tuesday, June 17, 2008

One More Announcement: MICK PASSED HIS BOARDS!!!

The WREBS results are two weeks early, but the results are GREAT. Mick passed with flying colors and can now take care of his licensing in Washington or Oregon or wherever we end up!


Anonymous said...

Mom & Don

Anonymous said...


I'm so proud for your family! What an accomplishment that all of you guys have been through & graduated. YEAH!!!

I can't believe that it has flown by so fast. It seems like only yesterday that you started this blog & now..........you are looking for a new home for Dr. Mick & Family.

love you all ;)


Kari Quaas said...

Yeah! Big congratulations to you!


Anonymous said...

Mick, glad we connected with Christy & Rylie, our mail & TNT collectors.
What a relief to know before the month predicted to get the results.
And we'll say YAHOOOOOOOO again!!!!!
We're so proud of all in your family - it took family support to get through the UofP dental school challenge. And you indeed met the challenge head on. Congrats to all of you.
Mom, JJJ & Grammy

Anonymous said...

Bubblegum icecream cake - marvelous selection, Mick. What a hit it was at your 'after graduation' party with wonderful friends - lots of special memories to take with you.
Great idea, Anjie, to get pictures of all attending.
Mom, JJJ and Grammy
PS - Dane and Aubrey what a joy to see your teachers at the party and watching you with so many of your friends play Twisters - lots of laughs.
Pleased Rob could get away to help you celebrate - a great friend, Mick.

Natalie N said...

Here's a Texas size YEEE HAWWW for you Mick! Congrats on being official! What a relief that the waiting is over. Not that any of us were surprised that you passed with flying colors... We knew you'd do great!

And hey, how nice is that to get your results back so quickly?!