Tuesday, June 03, 2008


We just got through the most stomach-churning 3-day weekend of clinical regional boards. As usual, Mick handled it like a champ, but he's still freaked.

Students won't find out their results for four weeks now -- and it sounds like most folks can't really get a sense of whether they'll get a Pass or Fail out of it. Ugh. I went online and read about students barely scraping by or barely missing the mark. I read about students feeling dandy and failing, students feeling horrible and passing, and students feeling horrible and failing. (You see how many options there are?!)

I also read students' reflections on the experience, providing comments like "It was the hardest, most nerve-wracking, life-changing experience of my life" and "I still feel like throwing up when I think about it." I guess it's just one of those true dental rites of passage...

So, what's the significance of WREBS, you may ask? Well, among many things, the WREBS are significant because you have to pass them in order to apply for a license wherever you want to practice... The End.

And, if you don't pass, you either have to re-take one specific section -- depending on your overall scores -- or you have to take the entire thing all over again, perhaps at another location, and definitely with new patients you've drummed up for business and hope will qualify. Oh, and you fork over another $1700 to take the test. And you're not practicing dentistry yet.

So, we really, really hope Mick passed. We'll rally though, if he didn't. And we'll know he's in good company with some other historical two-time test-takers.

In other news: Mick has a phone interview with a Bremerton clinic on Thursday. Hopefully he'll get some other interviews lined up over the next few weeks as well, but this is a good start.

If it's not clear, we're doing lots of WAITING these days. I'm not sure we're very good at it, but we're learning. We're also glad we're in this together -- it's going to be just fine.

If you've read this far, you might wonder what in the world the picture of Dane's cool diorama has to do with this post. It really doesn't have much to do with it, unless you take into account that I've been reminding Mick to be a tiger in these final months of school. I just wanted to show it off.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there Reynolds! It's gonna be ah-ite!


Anonymous said...

You're both handling it all like champs - sending the good vibes and prayers for passing the test the first time, and a freakin' job!!! (In Bremerton of course - hey, they're my vibes and prayers, I'll steer them the way I WANT!!!) Much love,

Kari Quaas said...

Go Mickie and Anjie and Dane and Aubs. You'll make it to the end of this and I'm hopeful for a happy result.

Nice tiger pic! Grrrr.... Get 'em Reynolds family.

Kari : )

Anonymous said...

We will be praying for you guys!!! I know Mick that God has blessed you with a great life & family...........and He has blessed you with this dental gift. And it is a gift to you. Take it & become an amazing Dr.

~ love the Pendleton Gang:)

Natalie N said...

Ooo! Good luck Mick!
Tyler said that the day he got his letter in the mail saying that he passed boards was the BEST day of his life (hopefully second to the births of his children and marrying his wife, but whatever.) It is so stressful and suspenseful waiting so long for results that you have NO idea about!! We're thinking about you lots Mick, and hope that things go well for you.
Thanks for the update about the phone interview, Anj. We'll be patient too; we can't wait to hear what unravels for your sweet family.
All the best!