Saturday, June 14, 2008


Alumni / Graduate Banquet at The Ritz Carlton
-just two days 'til DDS diploma's in hand...

Mick with punchy classmate Yahya

Nicole (class of '08, Aubrey's dentist, and one of the night's big award winners for academics), Mike (class of '08 dentist), Mick (CLASS OF '08 DENTIST!!!), and happy Anj

Mick and Akhil

Mick and Justin (fellow skateboarder, espresso snob, Pacific Northwesterner)

Mick with Nimi, class of '08 pal

Mick gets Jay (class president) to tie his bowtie before Jay gets up to make his speech

Anj, Mick, Matthew (class of '08, Mick's carpool pal, and fellow Ridgeway apartment resident), and Bethany (Matthew's wife, fab friend, hot mama, cool chick)


Kari Quaas said...

WooT! Have fun today!

Kari : )

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!! Mick ~ we are so proud of you. Way to go!


Shelby said...

Who's that hot, skinny chic w/ Mick?!

Natalie N said...

Oh Anjie, girlfriend! You got beauty spewing out of your ears!! Looks like you had a wonderful night at the banquet. Man, what a fun-filled, power-packed weekend graduation was...oh, and on Father's Day to boot! :)