Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wakey Wakey 2011

Dane and Aubrey spent one of their first weeks of summer with the Lanes - at Wakeboarding Camp. Cole, Dane, Aubrey, and Regan (pictured above) got up every morning at 6 a.m., ate a bagel, bundled up in fleece hats and sweatshirts, and zipped off down the hill to Camp Sambica. There, they headed out on the the water with about 6 kids to a boat and wakeboarded for the next hour and a half. After that, they headed in for a quick breakfast and a quick goodbye. 

Most days it was overcast; one day it rained; one day it was sorta sunny. Aubrey actually only wakeboarded two days and sat in the boat freezing and cheering the hard cores on. She says she liked it a lot, but wouldn't mind trying something new next summer if she had to choose. Dane says he'd absolutely do it again! 

When the kids got home from camp, they pretty much played like crazy until bedtime. Here's Dane getting into mischief with the youngest Lane kid, Kai.

One day while the kids played hard, I met up with my mom in Puyallup. After we went to see my grandma in her new home, my mom and I did our naked spa day body scrub. It was so nice and relaxing, especially for mom, who's recovering from rotator cuff surgery. Oh, who am I kidding? It was especially nice for me, too, since the last time I went to the spa was probably 500 days ago.

Another night, I hung with my pal Karen for dinner on the Ballard waterfront where we watched stand-up paddle boarders, a sport neither of us could imagine doing.

Wednesday night Mick flew in to spend the last few days with us, and Friday night we all went to the Ms game at Safeco Field. We met up with Karen and Mike and Jan there, too (Happy Father's Day, Mike!), and cheered and snacked and had -- you guessed it -- a ball.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, memories of Uncle Chuck's, "I'm having a ball!"
Wonder what you, Aubrey, will choose next year. Sounds like you enjoyed the 'watching others' part of wakeboarding.Bet you didn't enjoy the 'cold' aspect, right?
Dane, were you in a hole and then filled it with dirt?
I can visualize you, Dane, crawling under the grate surrounding a tree at a restaurant in CA. Remember that? Lots of people were curious as to 'How did that kid get under the grate? -Where are his parents'
Thanks again, Anjie, for the blog - much welcomed by Grammy Jan Jan/ JJJ/ Mom