Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Klamath Happiness

Along with 35 other people, 14 other boats, and Fred the Wonder Dog, Mick and Dane and Aubrey and I powered through Class III rapids -- with names like "Schoolhouse," "Wave Runner" and "Devil's Binky"* -- on the Klamath River last weekend in rented tandem inflatable kayaks.

In between our two runs, we camped in the shadows at Tree of Heaven along the river's bank, where we replenished our energy at night with a massive spaghetti feed (complete with 96 meatballs), gourmet green salads, and s'mores. Ultimately, the adults imbibed in Baja Fogs and hand blended pomegranate margaritas while the kids captured flags and tagged each other with flashlight beams.

*I have no idea where "Devil's Binky" is, but Aubrey named this one.


KUrlie said...

This is really awesome - I'm so envious of the rafting:) Not of the camping so much, but definitely the RAFTING!!! One day I hope to be able to suck it up like a grown up and try camping again. Not today however. And not without facilities. Back to you guys - yay for a fun weekend!

Anonymous said...


Googled history of Baja Fog, from an experiment to an item at several bars and camping sites. How does one recover from Baja Fog? Sounds like it could be brutal.

What fun you all had river rafting - lots of laughs, I bet. Did anyone's boats turn over? Where did you come up with the name, Aubs, Devil's Binky?

Looks like that could be a summer tradition being created. Or did you do this type of camping trip last summer?

Gramy Jan Jan/Mom/JJJ

anjie said...

It was so much fun. And, Jan, we didn't go crazy on the Baja Fogs, so nothing was brutal. :)

We didn't have any major mishaps with boat turnovers, but the kids sure jumped in the river a lot when we weren't in the rapids.

Aubs and Mick were naming all kinds of rapids using "Devil's" as the first word. That one was my personal favorite.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is, "What fun!"
Mom / Big Share / Mema