Friday, July 15, 2011

Front Lawn or Bust

Just got handed a note: "Dear mom, come to the front Lawn. PICNIC."


Anonymous said...

What was eaten at the picnic? What a thoughtful idea to surprise your Mom 7 Dad with a picnic. WOW!

Grammy Jan Jan/ Dumbo

Anonymous said...

So? You're leaving us in suspense!
What did you two little cuties serve?
Got pictures?

anjie said...

They served me Triscuits, Colby cheese, and ham! It was delicious. They also brought out a little tea set (the one I've had since I was a girl) and offered milk and brown sugar.

They laid out a blanket and we sat under the oak tree.

Anonymous said...

How very sweet and fun. Darling children, you are, Dane & Aubrey.