Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A summer ride between Fish Lake and Lake of the Woods - 7.10.11

With my little pal, Aubs, ready for the 7 mile ride.

Uncle Kai and his little toughies.

Dane hustling up a hill.

Through the lava beds. One of the "islands of trees" that survived a lava flow.



Aubs and Dane. Mick's up round the bend.

Attempt at family photo but camera was fuzzy. Too interested in riding to sort it out.

Storks in Lake of the Woods.

Into mosquito territory - with no repellant! Lots of bites to scratch this week...

Self portrait. Not recommended. Almost landed in a heap in some bushes.

At Lake of the Woods for burgers, soft drinks and Mirror Ponds.

Happy boy.


Anonymous said...


So, how long did it take you to go the seven miles? No dip at the end of the ride? Not even wading? Oh, wait! Aubrey's hair looks like it might be wet in the picnic table picture; or is that just sweat.

What an interesting ride. Looks mighty hot there with the lava rocks on both sides of the trail. The sight of the lake must have been a wonderful relief! You guys are finding the BEST places to adventure!

The kids are “little toughies”, just like you were Anj, when we took the ferry from Anacortes and rode from Friday Harbor to Roche Harbor and back...especially back, when we went to English Camp. Lots of HILLS. (Oh, we did spend the night at Roche Harbor Inn.)

Anj, no more self-portraits while in motion on wheels!

Love you all,
Mom, Big Share, Mema, Aunt Sharen

anjie said...

Ah, thanks for the reply, Mom! I remember that Friday Harbor/Roche Harbor ride, but I don't remember too many hills. The pictures from that trip just make it look like it was fun. Maybe my pictures will create that same sense of reality for my kids? ha ha.

It was such a fun ride. Very hot, buggy in places, but just great all around.

The kids definitely swam at the end.

Love, Anj

P.S. It took an hour and a half, maybe?

Anonymous said...

What memories you are creating. "A summer ride between Fish Lake and Lake of the Woods" sounds like the first line of a song. What's the second line?
Such a treat to be able to nearly experience your adventures.
Thanks, Anjie, for taking your precious time to keep the blogs coming our way.
JJJ/Mom/Grammy Jan Jan/Dumbo
I ditto your Mom's request 'no more self-portraits while on wheels'.

Anonymous said...

As for me, I just can't get enough of those self-portraits while biking. Keep 'em coming! Just keep the rubber side down. Would have loved to go along on that trip. Don't know where either lake is. Can you install a trip map in your blog? I know. Pushy. But. Hey! Why not?