Sunday, February 20, 2011

Boys Behaving Beautifully

Dane's buddy Nic is spending the night. They spent a good part of the evening working on their electricity experiments for the Science Fair (a post yet to come).

Now they're watching How to Train Your Dragon.

This is what I heard earlier when they were deciding to watch the movie:

Dane: You wanna watch How to Train Your Dragon?

Nic: Sure, I've seen it before, but I like that movie.

Dane: I know, I love that movie. You know how it's, well, kind of touching?

[Folks, I kid you not.]

Nic: Yeah... I know what you mean. There are parts when he's with the dragon that really give me a sense of longing.

[Again, I kid you not!]

Dane: Yeah, there are parts that really get me. Even though I might see them like eight times, they just always get me.

And scene.

It kind of reminds me of this post a few years ago. I hope some things never change.


Anonymous said...

Boys behaving like "REAL MEN, who do CRY".
I'm so pleased at the sensitive hearts Nic & Dane have and that they can share their thoughts with each other.
I don't know about Nic's dad, but I do know that Dane's Dad has shed a tear or two as an author has 'touched a nerve' in dear Mick.
Grammy Jan Jan/Grammy Dumbo/ Grammy

Jennie Englund said...

Awww....I love it! You sweet boy, Dane!

(And Dominic wants to add that this is the exact opposite of what was going on at his sleepover, where they were playing video games and talking about video games and eating candy.)

You're going to be a great man someday!

anjie said...

Ha! Dominic's comparison cracked me up.

KUrlie said...

They are such sweethearts and I'm so glad they are friends! What a treat to be able to share that with a buddy so early in life.

Natalie N said...

How fun catching up on your blog this afternoon. You're a wonderful writer, Anj. I feel like I'm right there in the action from Eleanor Roosevelt to hearing Dane talk with his buddy. Your kids are just dolls. Hug them for me, will ya?!

anjie said...

Aw, Nat, thanks for the encouragement. And consider the kids hugged. :) Do the same with your little pipsqueaks for me, okay? xo