Saturday, February 26, 2011

Four Generations and a Sweet Surprise

Oh, I'm so behind on posting. I'm going to attempt to pump out several updates, though, so my kids won't wonder what happened to February of 2011 when they're reading this in 2050. Whoa, they'll be 50 and 48 then. I'll be 80. Okay,Time Warp Time: Anj, Mick, Dane, Aubrey -- if you're reading this now and it's 2050, "Hello, and love love."

Moving on.

In January we took a whirlwind weekend trip to the Tacoma area. Since Jan wasn't able to cruise with us at Christmas and was taking a long while healing from infection, we decided to show up with some mojo, aka Grandkid love. It was great.

The kids stayed with her and Mike a couple nights; Mick and I stayed the whole time with my parents in Puyallup. The kids stayed there with us, too, for half the time. I think they liked the mojo as well; we hadn't seen them since September.

Our visit was just a couple weeks shy of Aubrey's 9th birthday, and since grandparents and great-grandparents and Karen! weren't going to be down to Ashland for that event, we threw Aubs a little surprise party in Puyallup. She was truly surprised.

My parents, Mick's parents, my mom's mom (G.G. = Great Grandma) and Don's parents (Vi and Gran) all came, as did Karen and my Aunt Laurie (Aubrey's Great Aunt Laurie).

Little Aubs was in rare form. She visited with everybody and let her brother help her organize and open her presents. After each gift, she looked for the giver and then went and gave them hugs and told them what she liked best about the gift. I couldn't have told her to do that any better!

Here are some photos that almost got left in the warehouse:

Karen brought the flower cake I'd sent her for her birthday a few days before. There's mom with Socksy.

Jan, Mike, G.G., Mema, Great Grandma Vi

Oh, that cat got a lot of attention that weekend.

Aubs, Socks, and Vi.

Great Grandpa Gran with Dane.

GrandDad and Freaky.

GrandDad and Birthday Girl.

The Great Grandmas, Vi and G.G.

Dane and Poppa and the squishies.

Grammy's elaborate gift.

A Grammy-assembled art kit with everything in it a kid could want. The older cousins and her bro have them; it was Aubsie's turn!

Mom with her sister, my Auntie Laurie, aka Auntie Sugar.

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Anonymous said...

That was such a sweet weekend. Thank you, thank you for coming up.
Love all these pictures.
We had such a fun time celebrating Aubrie's birthday, too! It was so much fun to have everyone together AT ONCE, including Karen.
By the way...Karen did a great job helping with the decorating, especially the flower cake and also folding the napkins so cute. I would not have thought of that, Karen. Thank you.
Mema aka all other titles.