Sunday, February 27, 2011

I Am Eleanor Roosevelt

Aubrey's 3rd grade Biography assignment* was so much fun. She was supposed to read the biography of an important person in history, write a report on their life, and present that person to the class along with a homemade puppet.

Here's paper mache Eleanor and her handler, Aubrey!

Aubs did all the mache work, the painting, the sewing, the designing, the hot gluing, the wig-work, the Good Will glasses purchase, the dental work... 

I've grown quite fond of Eleanor, too!
Aubrey's pal Jasmine came over a few times and made paper mache Amelia Earhart.

Here's Aubrey presenting Eleanor to the class -- well, actually, this is Eleanor presenting herself to the class and mentioning Aubrey briefly.
Eleanor spoke in a squeaky, quavering voice, explaining that she was known for having a weak voice when speaking in public, but that she worked very hard on it to ultimately become a notable, effective public speaker.

Eleanor also pointed out that she was well aware that most people thought she was unattractive -- even her own mother -- but she learned early on that "to receive love, she must give love."

Some of the most impressive information was that Eleanor was First Lady of the United States for the 12 years her husband was in office, but after he died she stayed in the public eye and became even more influential as the US representative to the United Nations, where she headed the drafting of the world's first Human Rights Declaration.

What an amazing woman. I'm so glad Aubrey got to "meet" her!

*Dane got to "meet" George Washington last year if you want to check that out.


Anonymous said...

I remember an inspriational moment last December when Aubrey visited Eleanor in the snow. I think there was a good photo of that meeting.
GrandDad Mike

KUrlie said...

I am so proud of you Aubs - congratulations on a job well done!


Jennie Englund said...

Adorable puppets (and girls)!

Looks like the art and presentation took a lot of time.

That's something to be proud of!

anjie said...

Yes, Mike, that's when Aubrey first learned of her! That photo's in a blog post in late December, and it's so sweet. She actually brought it with her to her presentation. :)

Jennie and Karen -- yeah, this was a lot of hard work, and it turned out so great! Aubrey was really a trooper getting everything done and being self-motivated.


Anonymous said...

What a great job. I hope I will be able to see Eleanor up close and hear her tell about herself when I next see you.
I admire Eleanor also!
Love, Mema

Anonymous said...

What a treat to get your phone call recently telling us about your "Eleanor" book report and presentation.
Eleanor and George can hang out together.
Pictures do help to fill in a description. Eleanor's a cutie. And Amelia which ' ' made. Oops, forgot her name.
Grammy Jan Jan

Anonymous said...

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