Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Surprise Went Off Without A Hitch!

Dane's surprise party was great.

You should've seen all these kids at the playground after school yesterday, totally in cahoots on the whole surprise and not spoiling it a bit.

I gathered a few of them at a time out there to tell them Dane still had no idea why they had all miraculously been able to stay after school and play, and that we were going to come together in a few minutes to blindfold Dane and hop in cars to go to Yogurt Hut. Then the kids would say cute things like "Oh, cool! We can tell him stuff like 'We're passing your house now, Dane,' or 'We're at the airport now, Dane,' [and so on and so on] to fool him when we drive him away."

The cousins' van and a car of 3 boys got to Yogurt Hut first and they all hid behind the pool table and the air hockey table. Four other boys then walked a blindfolded Dane from street parking, up the stairs, telling him we were at the dump.

When we got him upstairs we took off his blindfold and everyone jumped up and yelled "Surprise!"

Then we heard several rounds of "Thriller," "Beat It," "Boom Boom Pow" and "Firefly" on the karaoke machine as kids ate pizza, ate their yogurt sundaes, played pool, foosball, air hockey, darts, and board games.

It was a super fun time, a little bit exhausting for a parent, but a great terrific fabulous birthday for a 10-year-old boy.

Will post pictures when I recover. They'll probably just get tacked on to the end of this blog, so come back in a day or so.

Now Mick and I are off to volunteer at the MARA fundraiser, an auction benefitting the Mt. A Racing team...

(I've got 400 words of my short story started for the NYC Flash Fiction contest. Lots of work left for late tonight and all day tomorrow.)


Anonymous said...

Well done, all you pals of Dane! That must have been so much FUN to pull it off.
Dane, I would LOVE to hear your remarks regarding the surprise party, and how you felt when everyone jumped up and yelled.
Love you, Mr. Ten.

Anonymous said...

Me too.

Barritt told us how well she thought it went. She was impressed with the surprise factor. Wish we could have been there.

Happy birthday Dane!