Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A REAL Love Letter: "Tree" Has a Home

This letter was emailed to people all over America today:

Dear ___,

The fourth issue of The Writer's Workshop Review is now live! Take a look at www.thewritersworkshopreview.net.

The issue features an interview with award-winning writer Ivan Doig and an excerpt from his latest novel, Work Song.

The issue also includes Shaul Hendel's "Submission Guidelines Guide," a cheeky riposte to the annoying demands of literary magazine editors (not ours of course!); "Tree," Anjie Seewer Reynolds' lovely meditation on aging and tree climbing; "Soupe du Jour," Meredith Escudier's deliciously savory tale about the simple pleasures of soup and the French genius for making it; "Pasta Agonistes," my cautionary tale about the perils of culinary overconfidence and the realization that achieving Italian la dolce vita is anything but simple and easy.

We hope you enjoy the fourth issue of The Writer's Workshop Review. Please let us know what you think. We look forward to hearing from you!

All best,

Nicholas O'Connell
Publisher/ Editor
The Writer's Workshop Review


Anonymous said...

WOW and Yipee.
That is so exciting. You will really have some exposure from this one...and
Among my favorites of your pieces!

KUrlie said...

Nice Anj! Congratulations SupadupaStar:)


Anonymous said...

Congrats on being included in Writer's Workshop. I've just read the complete offerings and you're amongst some elite writers. That's really 'more than wonderful'. When did you know they'd chosen your 'Tree' piece?

What a positive "plus" event to insert in the midst of your teaching three classes @ Rogue C.C., slipping in an all day 'Halloween' event @ Science Works ( Dane said it went really well with his and Aubrey's support).

I know you've now read, evaluated and given comments to nearly 75 student writings? Has that happened twice now? When does a third writing occur? Seeing improvement amongst your students? That's got to be rewarding to see each little, or perhaps big, critique made by you and then absorbed and noticeably recognized in their next writing. Was it 6 times during each session that the students write? Nuff said!!!