Friday, October 15, 2010

NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Results for Challenge #2

I took third place in my group again! That means my points put me in the top 5 in my group, advancing me to the next round.

I wrote a 999-word short short with the following prompt:
*Romantic Comedy
*a B & B
*a snow shovel
There were 20 groups with 22 people in each group; the top 5 in each advance to form new groups now.

Tonight at midnight (well, 9pm here) I get my third prompt.

Click here to see my group's results. At that link, you'll have access to all groups and prompts and scores.

I have to admit, I'm so curious to see what it'll be like to participate in this contest when I have to write in another genre. (I've had comedy twice.) Who knows where my brain will go with Sci-Fi or Horror or Drama.

I just hope it goes somewhere!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! And now to get geared up for challenge #3. Can't wait to hear what you have to work with this time. This is fun (for me anyway.
And fun to read the synopses.

KUrlie said...

YAY!!! Keep going girl!!!

Anonymous said...

That's really exciting news, Anjie. Hope we can read your entries SOON. So hard to be on this side and not know what we've rooted for. But enjoy this new, mysterious write. You've got what it takes!!!
Just read your Mom's comment - How do I get to read your synopsis?