Friday, October 15, 2010

Attempting the Impossible: Surprise!

Today I'm attempting the impossible: a surprise birthday party for my ten-year-old. I can't wait to see if it works.

I let all the parents know that if it turns out to be an un-surprise, there'll be no hard feelings. I just thought it'd be really fun to try.

So far, this is the plan:

Dane's pals and Aubs and the cousins will meet us after school at the playground. The kids know they can tell Dane they've been allowed to play with him after school. And then we'll pile them all into vans and drive them to Yogurt Hut for two hours of yogurt sundaes, pizza, foosball, darts, air hockey, pool, and karaoke! (I've rented the room so 12 kids and several adults can have the joint to ourselves.)

After that, some kids are getting picked up, and we'll take the rest home.

Two of Dane's best buddies have also been invited to stay for an overnighter, where hopefully I can drum up How to Train Your Dragon to follow some outdoor play and Legos.

Dane's birthday's not until Tuesday, and just this morning he was seriously trying to figure out with Mick what he could do for his party ("Maybe bowling?") and who he'd invite (everyone we've got coming today!).

The only glitch is that I don't really have that moment planned when he figures out what we're up to and we all yell "Surpise!"


I have a feeling it'll pan out just perfectly though.


Anonymous said...

We can't wait to hear the outcome. (Surprise, or not?)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARTY, DANE! You are now (almost) a decade old. YIKES!!

Love you,
Papa & Mema

Are you too old to get OXXO'S? Well, we are giving them anyway.

Dori said...

Anxious to hear if you pulled it off!

And tell Dane he has a pretty great day for a birthday..He shares it with me :)

Hope you guys are having a blast whether or not you attempted the impossible!

Anonymous said...

Our "sources" say that it went perfectly. A total surprise! Sounded like fun.

GrandDad and Grammy