Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Up and at 'em

I have to write this up, because, as most of you know: I don't like to over-book. I like to have lots of interesting things to do and think about, but I don't like every hour of every day to be accounted for. However, last week turned out to be the exciting exception.

Last week went like this:

8-12:30 ScienceWorks Mammal Camp (daily)
*I taught 4-6 year-olds key character traits of mammals with lots of charades, stories, and activities. Dane and Aubrey came along daily as my helpers/students.
*Two of those days, nieces and nephews (Jude and Barrit, Indi) came and gave awesome demonstrations about guinea pigs and rabbits!
*Hence, two of those days, I rewarded them with yummies at Yogurt Hut for a half hour before dropping Aubrey off at...

1 - 4 Gym N Swim at the Y (daily)
*Aubs Gymmed and Swimmed her heart out
*During this time, I planned the next day's class, cleaned the house, made dinner, and walked the dog.
*Two of those days, Aubs followed her already long day with...

4:15-5:30 Hot Shots Gymnastics Class (Tues, Thurs)
*A certain someone can now do kick-overs (back walk-overs)! And lots of 'em. In a row.

5:30 - 11
*On Monday, a pool party with my writing group
*On Tuesday, a Styx concert for Mick and me at Britt Fest / another pool party for the kids with Jennie (until 11pm -- thanks, Jennie!)
*On Wednesday, Big Bad Voo Doo Daddy at Britt Fest with the kids, including lots of swing dancing on the hillside
*On Friday, a party at my friend Davis's 250 acre home in the woods -- with trampoline and band!

So, that was just Monday thru Friday.

Friday night, my cousin's wife Peggy and her two boys, Nic (12) and Zac (9), showed up at midnight to spend the weekend at our house to see Oregon Shakespeare Festival plays (four total!). While Peggy saw "Ruined" at 2 on Saturday (not necessarily kid-appropriate), I took all the kids swimming at the Daniel Meyer pool. Before that, though, we had lunch here -- and our friends Matthew and Bethany Nielson from Dental School stopped by on their way south with their two kids!

Sunday, while Peggy and the boys were seeing Hamlet, we were invited to a BBQ/Pool party with new friends here in Ashland. (Amazing water slide at this one. Sheesh!)

If you've read this carefully, you might notice that the real trooper here is Aubrey -- for at least two of those days, she was up and at 'em from 7am to 11pm, with a lot of activity already in her day.

This week, we're gearing up to have my parents come to town (tonight) for a long weekend. I hope to take them to Lake of the Woods to float around in the hot sun with us, and we're scheduled to do the Hellgate Jet Boat Brunch Tour, to get our stomachs satiated and our bodies soaked!

In the meantime, on Monday Dane and I took eight hours and completely emptied out (and then re-filled) his and Aubrey's room (Aubrey was at her new pal Mia's all day) and I got out this:

And their room went from two tall lofts head-to-head (you can kind of see here how both lofts were tall enough to walk under, if you're under age 9):

To one tall loft and a shorter loft tucked underneath the tall one.

[woops, can't find the camera; will post photo here when I find it]

So cool, we can hardly handle it.

I can't believe it took me 39 years to discover the joy of using a Sawzall.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your details of a wonderfully wild and crazy week +! WOW! Time to take a deep breath and 'relax' for a couple of days.
Are the lofts now like a bunk bed? or is the Sawzelled off shorter quasi-loft tucked under and making a shorter L? Trying to picture what you and Dane created. What a successful challenge.
Know you'll have a great time with Mema and Popa - such adventures you'll have.
And hopefully you'll have a few days in U.P./ Puyallup as the summer flows into school days and a bit more time for you to write and read.
What a busy summer with lots of down time to have with Mick & kids. Glad you had the weeks off between ScienceWorks classes - would have been insane without.
Lovingly and God bless the Mick Reynolds' family.
JJJ/Mom/Grammy Jan Jan
Young ball of energy, Aubrey, what a busy schedule you had last week. Can't wait to see what you're learning in gymnastics!
Dane, did you get in some playdates with friends? What are you reading these days? I just checked out a Riordan mystery for adults. I'll see how it compares with The Lighting Thief series. I can see why you enjoyed each of the books riveting page turners.

KUrlie said...

good lord, I need a nap just reading about your week. I'll write something supportive and lauding, when I wake up;)

Jennie Englund said...

On the way down to my dad's, the kids and I were talking about what a trooper Aubs is!

(And I love your "Sawzall" tag!)