Monday, August 09, 2010

Our Lady of the Lake of the Woods

Me and my girl at our new favorite place. She and Dane and I have been there 5x in the last month. When it's too hot in Ashland (95ish) it's perfect at Lake of the Woods (85ish). We went there with my parents on Thursday and floated around on air mattresses and pedaled against some afternoon wind on a sparkly red paddle boat.

Now Dane's in Washington. My parents drove him north to stay with his other grandparents. He called today in the middle of a ping-pong tournament with Grand-dad.

Have fun, Dane-o. Smooches from all of us. xoxoxo

What did YOU love about summer as a kid?


Anonymous said...

Time spent in Puyallup valley on my Mom's parents' farm - sipping homemade rootbeer and icecream and the yummiest floats ever!!!

anjie said...

Homemade root beer? How fun! Thanks, Jan. Have fun with my boy. :)

Anonymous said...

Going down to the creek on our dairy and getting on our tree limbs that we pretended were our horses...They went out over the creek and we hoped we wouldn't fall.
Going to the public swimming pool in Yakima and Wenatchee.
Going to Lake Chelan parks with my whole family!
Going to the fishing lakes with my family after my dad bought poles for the whole family!...not sure I ever caught anything though, but it was really neat to have my own pole.
Anything that had to do with WATER; in it or near it, same as now. Thanks for bringing back my memories, Anj.
LOVED Lake of the Woods. That was a WONDERFUL day. Thanks Anj.

Anonymous said...

PS. More of my favorite summer memories:
When I lived in Medford, my HS sophomore year, I had a girlfriend (Darrlyn Huson) who's family had a cabin at Lake of the Woods. They took me with them for weekends and I loved that lake then, too. We could just barely see the resort from their cabin.
When we lived in Tacoma we used to go to Lake Bay with Uncle Bill,s family, with giant inner tubes, and fight over them with my Dad and Uncle Bill. We always had so much fun when those two brothers were together!!
Uncle Bill, my dad's brother, also pulled Aunt Laurie and me together water skiing (double) from Point Defiance to Quartermaster Harbor. We only fell once. Papa doesn't believe we did it, but we did, and were we TIRED! We rode in the boat back, of course.

anjie said...

Good thing I took you to Lake of the Woods, huh, Mom? I had a feeling you'd love a water activity.

Thanks for commenting, Mom!