Friday, August 13, 2010

Taking the Siskiyou Challenge


It's been six years since I ran my last marathon, a couple since I've jogged religiously, but guess who's running an 11K in six weeks???

That's right. Yours truly.

The Siskiyou Challenge is hitting the town and I'm on a team.

In fact, I'm on a team with some of my favorite people. Mick is riding the road race leg, his bro Kai is running the 5 K leg (and sponsoring it through his Endo practice!) and Kai's bro-in-law Garth is paddling the kayak leg. And a new friend, Mike Jack, is riding the mountain bike leg.

Because Kai's Endo practice is sponsoring the team, I think our logo should be ROOT FOR US! (C'mon, tell me you like that in the comment section.)

So far in my first week of training, I've run 10 minutes, 8 minutes + 17 minutes (one day), 12 minutes, and today, drumroll please... 20 minutes.

I've only got about 45 more minutes to tag on to that last time until I'm at 11k.

Obviously, I've got my work cut out for me!

But I'm hopeful. Training for marathons, into week 4 or so I was up to 7 miles. I'll follow that schedule now.

So come September 25, ROOT FOR US!

Oh, and root for Farm to Schools. The $ raised here supports local farmers getting their fresh foods to school lunch rooms. Better for everybody.


Anonymous said...

Crazy, clever logo! Hope it gets "got" by all. Will it have a tooth with a long root on it??
Ok...your training schedule is impressive, especially the drumroll... 20 minutes. I'm sure I would be gasping (before the 8 minute one).
Keep us posted. I've put Sept 25 on my calendar so I can ROOT!
Go Team Go.

Danigirl said...


Dori said...

I don't just like, I Love "Root for Us" that's cute!

anjie said...

Thanks for rooting for my logo, guys. I'll let you know if it flies or dies.

KUrlie said...

Go GIRL!!! Throw those BstotheW sister.

Anonymous said...

I'm in the fog with Karen's comment - some foreign language only you two understand?
Still increasing your running schedule? Keep on keeping on.
I'm 'rooting' for you and your team.