Monday, August 24, 2009


While Mick spent a three-day weekend with his brother at Mt. Bike Oregon, which they planned five months ago, the kids and I spent a three-day weekend at Howard Prairie, which we planned five days ago.

I can vaguely report that Mick came home exhausted and happy (maybe he'll post his own blog?), and I can specifically report that the kids and I came home exhausted and happy as well.

Howard Prairie on Lake Hyatt is just a half hour out of Ashland - 17 miles out Dead Indian Memorial Road. (The kids and I think this is a sad and lonely name - and when we learn why it's called that, we'll report back.)

We arrived at noon on Friday and scoped out a coveted LAKESIDE spot and spent the afternoon kayaking and swimming on the lake and doing a little bike riding through the campground. The kids also got to do a little jet skiing.

Dane admired the jetskis of the family on the beach next to us and the dad came over and whispered to me later that if my boy wanted a ride on the jet ski, he'd be happy to take him. He wanted to see if I was comfortable with that. He and his wife and baby and in-laws were totally wholesome and warm and I told him my kid would think it was awesome.

So, both Dane and Aubrey took rides with Chad on his sit-down jet ski and squealed and steered and smiled the whole 10 minutes of each of their rides. I just stood on the beach smiling and thrilled for them.

Other than the jet skiing highlight, we woke up around 8 on Friday and took a ride in the kayak together on a calm morning lake. I paddled the sit-on-top and the kids each sat on an end, dragging their feet through the water.

Later that morning, we took a six mile bike ride on a trail part-way round the lake and had a blast. Dane just zipped ahead - but always made sure to stop at decent intervals so we didn't get separated for long - and Aubrey used those little knobby tires like a pro, saying things like, "I think we should go the whole way round the lake!" (it's 15 miles) and "Mom, I'm mountain bike riding!"

We stopped at one point at a place like this:

I didn't have a camera with me and I didn't have a piece of paper or pencil, but I memorized the moment -- the scene, the scent, and especially what my boy said -- because it about melted me into the ground.

He stood there really still, squinting at the landscape, and said - speaking with this sort of cadence where he lingers on his key words (I'll emphasize them for you):

This place is a beauty.
You've got your tall trees growin' over there...
You've got this great big lake here...

You've got all this green grass growin'...

Then a slow, audible sigh

Yeah, that about sums it up, I think.

Later, after a return ride, where Aubrey handled herself like a champ (her chain came off at least 8 times, and she only broke down to cry on about the eighth time), some friends joined us.

Here's some Chix in the Stix with our Pips:

Girl pips.

Grubby Mom feet.

Chix on the beach.

Boyz In the Hatch.


Anonymous said...

Ah, such sweet memories - and only a short distance away! Hope we can enjoy this magic place with you while in Ashland.
JJJ/ Grammy
Mick, hope you've time to blog your biking experience, too. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Anj, thanks so much for the saucy sharing of your MARVELOUS weekend camping. What FUN. Really fabulous that you had such nice neighbors; makes it even better when that happens. VERY fun that you had friends join you (just for the day?)
The pictures are super.
Eight miles is a VERY good distance. Congratulations on that accomplishment!
Dane and Aubrey, you are such awesome kids; Dane that you notie and express your wonder at God's creation, and Aubs, that you didn't let that chain obstacle ruin your ride. High fives to you both! (Maybe Dr. Mick can fix that chain for her...he is such an awesome tinkerer!)
Ditto, JJJ, on Mick blogging his weekend thrills! That was an amazing view, Mick. I am envious.
Love you all to pieces- Mema/Mom

KUrlie said...

Dane and Aubs,
You're both pretty lucky to have such awesome grandmas. They are always so excited to share in your adventures and I love that. My grandmas were the same way and I am sure you'll agree that it's a pretty great blessing.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Karen, for your kind words.
Drop by & see us when you're down this way... have something of yours that Anj passed on to me. Would LOVE to chat!
Big Share