Friday, August 14, 2009


When I ask why he's rubbing conditioner all over himself in the bathtub, Dane tells me, "Um, the bottle says it's for extra body."


Anonymous said...

Good thinking, Dane.
Grammy Jan Jan
This is the name Aubrey would like to use when communicating with me - what's your choice?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely perfect! That's what the instructions said, so believe it, right?
It was fun to spend a couple of days with you, Aubs, and your mama. You are doing GREAT with you swimming.
Love you, Mema

Shelby said...


Cyrus and Annie said...

That kid is so funny. When are you going to post pictures of your new kitchen?

Bethany said...

I love these quotes from your kids. I really need to write ours down. They slip out of my head too quickly!