Monday, August 10, 2009

Box R Ranch Trip as told by Dane

So, on the first day, I was at the YMCA for the beginning. We packed up all our stuff and we took a long time for us to go there, and then we were driving there. And in the middle of the drive the girls bus stalled - it's true - and they had to wait there for an hour.

So, we took all our stuff into the tipi and we set up everything. Everybody had their own spot for their clothes and sleeping bag. I was with Keller, William, Ben, Isaiah, Jorge, Carson, and Mason. My camp counselor was named Tucker. I didn't know any of them - except I met Keller at a birthday party once - before I went to camp.

We went to sleep in our tipis and then we woke up for Polar Bear Swim. It was warm, but the water slide was cold and we weren't allowed to do the zip line. This was at 6:30 in the morning. And then we started rotations.

One of the rotations was going swimming again; another was art; and the last was sports. The next day we did archery. And I was not that good. So, there was hay and a target. And in the target there was a yellow, black, green, and a red and yellow. Yellow was the bullseye. I got the worst ever. Wanna know why? I got two in the hay and one in the white. But it's still my favorite thing.

On Wednesday we did a campfire. We roasted s'mores and they were yummy. It was a very cold night so it was nice doing that. That night, it was actually kind of raining.

Every night there was skits. There was a really good skit. This wasn't my group - and it was cows with guns. And my group did the midget exercise once -- we were midgets and we did exercises and stuff. We weren't in midget mode but we put shoes on our knees. It was a funny play. One of the counselors said, "So far, that's the best play."

Then there was the broncin' barrell. It's an awesome barrell ride of sorts. You'll have to see when we go. It's freaky -- I know how to work it, though.

When I was going there, I thought it would be a giant box with an R on it and it would have a bunch of ranch dressing in it. It's true. But it was really a giant ranch.

Every morning, I just put on clothes. I didn't care if they were clean or dirty. *

I want to go back next year!

By Dane Reynolds

*Note: Mom here. This is true. His duffle bag had many clean clothes in it when he returned. I think Dane wore the same clothes 3 days in a row -- underwear included.


Anonymous said...

Howdy, Dane:
Sounds like camp was the greatest. And you made a BUNCH of new friends. That is just awesome!
So, I guess you got up at 6:30 every day, and had a blast all day? Did the sun wake you up in your tipi, or did you sleep right through the sunrise?
The zip line...did you ever get to use it and was it scarey? If not, maybe next year when you go back? You can really look forward to another new experience.
Your play sounds hilarious!! I want to know HOW your shoes fit your knees, please!
Sounds like you did all the best things you can do at camp...HAPPY NEXT YEAR!!
Love you. Mema & Poppa

KUrlie said...

This is GREAT!!! I love hearing all about your camp experience Dane! Thank you so much for sharing:)


Natalie N said...

Dane, sounds like you had a wonderful camp experience! Thanks for sharing your journal of events with us. Keep up the great work with your archery; it sounds hard, but fun too. :)

This was a darling post, Anj!

Anonymous said...

What a treat for me to read many of your ranch memories you just shared with grandpa and me on the phone.
I can taste the yummy s'mores (just how is that spelled? , feel the ch-ch-ch- ch- chill of the early morn pool (or was it a lake?) and making some friendships you'll treasure for life.
Thanks for sharing.
Grammy Queen
God bless you and yours.

Danigirl said...

Fun! I LOVED camp when I was your age, Dane! I went from the time I was 7 until I was 16... and then I was a camp counselor after that!

So, you have lots of fun years ahead!

Can't wait to read more from you.
Aunt Dani

PS. I wish they had summer camp for grown-ups... ;o)