Sunday, August 02, 2009


Guess who's heading out on his first week of overnight camp? And guess who gets to sleep in a tipi, hop out of the sack early for Polar Bear Swims, shoot arrows from a bow, and stay up late round a campfire?

That's right. Little Roscoe's headed off to YMCA camp. Aubrey's been telling him every ten minutes for the last two days that she misses him already. He's been packed and ready to go since Friday.

The rest of us will stay home and wish him well -- we'll also surprise him with some gooshy lipsticky HoneyBoy Reynolds mail so he can have the full camp experience. Of course.

Click here to get the lay of the land.



Anonymous said...

Yipee, Dane. You are one lucky kid. We can understand why you are already packed. HAVE FUN!! We are sure you will, for sure.
Love, Mema & Poppa

KUrlie said...

I think Dane-O should write a little blog entry about his experiences at camp. I'm dying to know!!!