Thursday, May 22, 2008


On a reduced-size track yesterday, Aubrey and Dane walked off-and-on for three hours to earn money for Willow Creek Academy's P.E. program. Although a public school, WCA doesn't receive funding like other schools because of its charter status.

Dane approached the task with his usual focus, running and walking the whole time with a couple buddies, stopping only once or twice for bathroom break or food. He wanted to do as many laps as he could. He did 66 laps.

There he is above on the left, with Marcus and Eli.

Aubrey approached the task in her own way, too, balancing on the curb as she walked, stopping to sit with her friends, breaking for bathroom and food several times. She wanted to do as many laps as she felt like doing at the time. She did 23 laps. (Although, to put it in perspective, the top kindergartener only did about 30, I think.)

There she is above in the brown sweats and green Super Girl t-shirt with Zaahirah to the left, and Priscilly and Gia to the right.

The kids each carried a popsicle stick that an adult marked at a checkpoint each lap.

Dane and Aubrey had four sponsors: two at 10 cents/lap and two at 15 cents a lap - and one of those was a bonus of 20 cents a lap for every lap past 60. I haven't done the math yet, but I think it's safe to say they'll each pull in under $50 - although I understand grandparents and parents might be tossing in a few extra bucks for good measure.

It's actually very sweet how the kids felt strongly about earning money for their school's P.E. program. They love their weekly P.E. session, with Coach Dave, who's terrific. But the part that gets me is that they know they won't be going to school there next year, but they really want their friends to have a P.E. program.

I could start crying just writing that.

Anyway, you should've heard Dane explaining everything very carefully on the phone to his sponsors. He took it very seriously and wanted to be really clear. That alone made it a super learning project for a kid.


Anonymous said...

Grandad mailed your checks thie morning, Aubrey & Dane.
That's so thoughtful to walk/run for Willow Creek friends, when you won't be there next year. Very kind.
Love you all so very much,

Natalie N said...

That was so sweet! I love that they knew that this $$ wasn't directly for them, but for their friends. Cute cute kids!