Thursday, May 22, 2008

Top 5 Finalist in Writer's Digest Story Competition

Every month Writer's Digest gives a prompt to light creative fires. From that, writers are to tell a story in 750 words or less. The prompt I responded to was for Contest #12: "A Man walks into a bar. But it isn't a bar."

Admittedly, my story is unconventional. In fact, it might seem like I was on drugs - but, hey, caffeine's not illegal, although perhaps after reading my story you'll think it should be. Anyway, out of over 500 entries, my "Bar After Bar" was selected by the editors as a Top 5 finalist.

From here, it goes on to voting among registered members at The winner gets their story published in the October edition of Writer's Digest Magazine. I think I have a miniscule chance, if early votes on the site are any indication, but I'd really love to be published in that magazine.

Now, if YOU - yes, I'm talking to the four of you who actually read this - would like to increase my chances of winning (which I think is what this comes down to - 'viral marketing' seems to be the modern writer's job), YOU CAN VOTE.

FOR ME. (Did I mention that?)

Go to, click on the red Community tab, find the Your Story heading and take the opportunity to Register. If I recall correctly, you need to create a username, password, and give your email address. Once you've registered, go to the stories and cast your vote.

And then leave a comment here telling me you voted so I can send you a huge, humongous, amazing prize.

Love, Anjie


Anonymous said...

Hey Anj,

I've voted. It's a really interesting take on "bars." Well done, Anj.

Good luck!

Kari : )

ps My kitty is a finalist in the "Cute Pet Contest" in the Seattle PI. You can vote for Crash on the following website.

: )

anjie said...

Thanks, Kari! And I voted for Crash. :)

See how this works, friends???


Anonymous said...

I should get a little sticker that says "I voted..." I've seen it before and heard it read a couple times, but it's still a great, fresh essay, Anj.



Natalie N said...

I registered and voted!!

WOW. All I know is that you have such a GIFT for writing. When I read the prompt: "A man walks into a bar..." I thought the typical "why the long face" punchline. So lame! You think out of the box so well, and you really have such talent.


anjie said...

Thanks Mick. Thanks Nat. You guys are keeping those votes coming - although I'm still behind in the polls. I feel a little bit like John Edwards in the early democratic primaries... and we know where he is now. :) -Anj

Anonymous said...

As always, so amazingly clever.
Mike tried to register on our email address and they wouldn't allow a second voter, so you've got my vote.
Mike should vote via his office address, I'll suggest that to him.

Anonymous said...

Crash got my vote, too.

Mick's Mom

Cyrus and Annie said...

I will vote for you!!!

anjie said...

I'm pickin' up what you're puttin' down! Thanks Mike & Jan, Cyrus & Annie... I'm still behind in the polls but I'm inching my way closer, thanks to the likes of you cats. :)

Anonymous said...

I voted & so did our bridge friend, Julie, and wife of Mike's architecture school student,Teresa, and friend of mine from PacWest (now Bally's), Marla. Also, Tom R. These folks replied (to Mike & me) to emails Mike & I sent out re: your competition. I imagine others voted but didn't let us know. Hang in there, it's a close battle for first. WOW! out of some 500. That's amazing to be in the top five but it surely would be more than wonderful to be published. Right?
Lovingly & hang in there, Anj.