Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Aubrey's been home for two days. I'm sure she'll be back to school tomorrow -- she seems to be on the mend now.

If I may be so bold, though, having her home has cramped my style a little bit! I actually don't have to go to work today, so I'd planned to get groceries, shop for upcoming party presents, take a walk, etc. HOWEVER, I will also admit it's been nice to have this down time here with her as she watches Scooby Doo, reads Angelina Ballerina, eats light snacks, and takes long afternoon naps. In fact, it forces me to slow way down, even giving me a chance to sit down and look for places to publish, and to make (more) lists of stuff to do for Mick's graduation and our life thereafter.

Hey, stop at that last part! you say. Where're all the blogs on that stuff? the life thereafter stuff?

Well, the honest answer is that it's just not that fun to write about right now! It can make one feel so wishy-washy. The truth is, we're in stress mode, get-finished-with-school mode, get-an-interview-where-we-want-to-live mode. That requires a lot of waiting, being patient, researching, being persistent. It's sometimes easier to hold those cards close rather than keep everybody updated on the constant glitches, hurdles, victories, and changes.

Do I sound jaded? I don't mean to. I've just got to be practical about how I spend my energy. You know, with a sick kid and all.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Aubsie, honey, you don't look so good at all. Hope tomorrow brings a new healthy girl.
Anj...lots of waiting. Difficult.
Love, Mema/Mom.

Anonymous said...

Jaded, you're not, Anjie. I often don't quickly reply to your blogs cause 'it takes time'. & I have to be in a certain mindset to reply.
I can completely understand that 'YOU'LL LET US KNOW - IN YOUR TIMING'. Certainly don't wish to add more stress to your dear lives. And the stress is taken care of on my side beings I know you'll let us know, when you know.
Now just how QUICKLY can you let us know? How's that for PATIENCE? Lots of smiles are to be had on your part, please.
Is sweet Aubrey feeling better? Hope so. Flu? ??? This certainly has brought up memories of her (and your) hospital stay. So fortunate I was there to help out. Thank God!
Hoping I can fit in my last St. Andrew attendance with the kids (& anyone else interested) - know this may not even be feasible with Mick graduating that afternoon.
Looking forward to hugging and loving you all.
JJJ, Mom, Grammy (Dumbo)