Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Mick has his patients and is gearing up for his 4-day WREBS test this weekend. He will be testing all day Friday doing a written treatment plan (not on a patient) after a morning orientation, and on Sat/Sun/Mon he'll do root canal work (not on a patient) and specific Perio cleanings and fillings, dividing his work/time between two patients.

Last Saturday evening he went to Oakland to take the 3 hour written WREBS test. No results yet, but he felt okay.

He's getting good at being nervous but stepping forward without much to-do and taking tests as is required. He generally manages to keep an even-keel way about him.

Other than that, he's packing his clinic days with all the types of procedures he's required to have under his belt to graduate -- and complete what are called "test cases" on them, as well. He's nearly done with that, but, perhaps needless to say, his life is VERY full right now.

I probably don't even need to mention how proud I am of him, do I?

Still got some practice opportunities we're exploring, but no news to report yet.

But, here, I'll leave you with this:
Here's Mick cleaning out his "office" -- what would've been our laundry room if we hadn't needed a space for dental school stuff.

Let me tell you it makes me very happy to imagine having a laundry room in the near future....


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this update. Pray often for all of you - guess that's not new news.
See you soon - hard to wait for our time together.
Mom, JJJ, Grammy

Anonymous said...

I see that he works well in chaos! Good for you Mick. Us "perfectionists" are soooo jealous.