Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Spent yesterday at the capitol. Gave my testimony to the press re: Medi-Cal coverage for children. That all went fine, and I gave my formal speech to the media, but right beforehand, NBC wanted an interview.

Ever had an interview as your first conversation of the morning with a bright light shining in your eyes and a 7-year-old boy behind you, grabbing your shoulders and jumping up so he can be on camera, too?

Yeah, I'm sure I was pretty darned impressive.

I was hopeful it just ran as a text article, which is what I found here, (and I'm quoted only briefly, mid-article) but Aubrey's assistant teacher told Aubrey she saw us on the news last night.

I haven't had the chance to ask her what it was like. Not sure I want to, actually.

Overall, though, it was good, once again, to be part of efforts to make a difference in health care coverage for all children.

And I got to wear this really cool MomsRising t-shirt I've had my eye on for a year. (<--That's not me.)

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SFNielsens said...

Love the shirt. I'll have to check out the article. I would have loved to see you on TV, too bad I missed that. Man, I know a celebrity. You do radio, conferences and now TV. Holy Guacamole!