Friday, April 18, 2008

Gotta love a scrub in scrubs.

Here's Mick the week of his Oral Surgery rotation. It was Moustache March. Even though you might guess this is, say, March 1st, based on what looks like a 5 o'clock shadow, if you read the photo date, you can see he's been growing facial hair for eleven days here. Yeah, he's a smooth operator.


Anonymous said...

Have you in my prayers. May your challenges be met as you hope they will. We're rooting for you and your dear family.
Please let us know when we should be coming South and for how long??? All variables we know you don't have firmed up as of this moment. To get the best deal on the airlines we need a couple of weeks notice. Thanks.
Just thought maybe we should drive and then drive through Ashland enroute home???? Just a thought???
It's just all so exciting for our family at this juncture in our lives. WOW! What's next??? You know we're with you and your family as decisions are made. I hope I haven't pressured you too much - sorry.
Mom, JJJ, and Grammy

Anonymous said...

That's one fine lookin' tushy you got there Mick.