Thursday, April 24, 2008

Medi-Cal Testimony in Sacramento
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Anonymous said...

Anj, your blog on Momsrising is fantastic! I think you wrote with perfect clarity, humility, and strength - and it is inspiring. I really think you nailed it sister. Great job:)
Love, KUrlie

Anonymous said...

hey little miss thang! that was wonderful & i'm so very proud of you cous'. love to you guys. ~k

Natalie N said...

Wow, Anjie! I didn't realize you had Dane & Aubrey by your side as you testified. How neat for them to see that process, and what an example you set to your kids of going forth with something you believe in. I love how you put it on that blog: about how regular people can talk to rule-makers and how normal the process was. Well put! Kudos to you, girl!!