Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Publishing Update

I can't remember if I've made note of some of my fun recent writing news. In case I haven't: The Sun's 'Reader's Write' section published a piece I wrote about being kissed on the cheek by my Mormon pal, Buddy, in 9th grade -- and its unexpected, lingering effect. (My payment: 6 months of free issues!)

And now I just stopped by my library and it turns out a similar, longer version of that story was printed up in the Marin Independent Journal on July 29th. (Think: Bellingham Herald for all of Marin County.) I'd submitted it a few months ago and had forgotten it. And, evidently, the IJ forgot to notify me that they were printing it! The headline was "Making choices today that will affect your children tomorrow." It takes up the bottom half of page D-4, and it has a computer-graphic picture of two people kissing. (Interesting choice!) My librarian and another woman from my library book club saw it and they saved copies at the front desk for me.

Visit http://www.thesunmagazine.org to see the August issue of The Sun.
The IJ's website is http://www.marinij.com, but you can't pull up archived issues.

Still working on downloading family pix for future blog entries -- I really want to write more about our summer.

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