Tuesday, August 28, 2007


My cousin Dani (my mom's sister Karen's daughter) married her longtime sweetheart this past weekend aboard the Safari Rose at Lake Tahoe's Emerald Bay. I loved how Dani showed so much expression in her eyes, how Wade looked mellow and peaceful, how their friends gave the event a spirited feel (they were a riot) -- but my favorite part was that they ended the ceremony by dancing to "You Shook Me All Night Long."

To the decades ahead of you, Dani and Wade -- Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Can hardly see an event withour catching other digital devices, too. How technology is changing 'how we see things."
Where is Dani from? and Wade? Where will they live? What other family kin were there? Looks like another fabulous memory for you.
Who took your pic with the newlyweds? You looked smashing, Anjie. Black seems to be "in for weddings."

anjie said...

Hi Jan,

To answer your questions: Dani was raised in Tacoma and lives there still! She bought a house that has a view across the street and over an alley at the house our mothers lived in when they were in high school. (They attended Stadium, and Dani's son does now.)

I was at the wedding, as were Dani's Dad and Stepmom. Other than that, I was the only guest I knew! A very adventuresome outing. (I'll blog on that soon, I think.)

I got the wedding photographer to take my picture and warned Dani and Wade it was bloggin' material.

As far as my outfit goes: thank you! You can't tell, but it's brown -- I had a brown dress, brown shoes, brown shawl... It's what I wore to the '07 Over the Hump party.

Thanks for your comments!
Love, Anjie