Monday, August 27, 2007


I hope you make ice cream with the ice cream maker some day! Thanks for letting us have the kayak! Happy Birthday, Grandad. - Dane

You're a cute, cute Grandad. Grandad? You're a good Grandad. - Aubrey


Anonymous said...

Dear Dane and Aubrey,

BOY! What a surprise!. I couln't guess what was in the big box that came in the mail for my birthday. I started opening the outside box, and then found a big red box inside. And it had a good note from you. Then I took off the big bow, and I took off the lid. I still didn't know what it was. I found another box inside of the red box. What SUSPENSE! Finally, I opened thebox that was insdie the box that wasinside the outside box. Inside the box I fouuuuund ... a big funny looking plastic ball. It had two lids. It was an ice cream maker. An ice cream maker? Where was the handle to crank it? Where was the cord to plug the electic motor in to the wall socket? Then I started reading the instructions and found out that's it's fun to make ice cream with the ball by shaking it and passing it around to my friends and relatives. I'm going to try it out just for fun pretty soon, but I can hardly wait for you two to come and help me make some ice cream.

Thank you so much.!

What flavor should we make first? What are your favorite flavors? I'll tell you how it comes out after I try it the first time.

anjie said...

Oh, Grandad. Aubrey's right. You are a cute, cute Grandad. Thanks for the note -- I can't wait to read it to them in the morning.