Sunday, August 26, 2007



Anonymous said...

OMG - these two are THE CUTEST little pumpkins to ever have a first day of school. I mean SO cute! And a wee bit sassy I might add...Aubs looks like she's got a little of the kindergarten Anjie in her. Awesome pics.
Love, KarenUrl

Anonymous said...

So sweet to see you, Dane & Aubrey, headed out to Aubrey's first day of kindergarten and Dane's 1st of 1st. You both look so cute. I'm sending a big hug of love.
How has it been for you these past two days? What happened in class? Dane, are you with friends from last year? Do they have aftercare? Are you planning to attend that? Dane, will you continue Spanish? Your mom can help you answer these questions. Thanks, Anjie.
Grandad already has the pic of the two you as a screen saver. That's a warm, caring brother and sister pic. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Grammy again as I just inlarged the pics and noticed a couple things I'd missed before.
You're BOTH become successful WINKERS.
Aubrey, your SHOES look like my Skechers - I'm in fashion with kindergarten students. WOW!
The pics were taken OUT YOUR FRONT DOOR. That means Dad has his study room door locked. Right? When was the construction work finished?
I'm headead out to meet Grandad for a birthday lunch and hopefully he'll find the bike he wants - on sale.
Lovingly again,

Shelby said...

Can you believe it Anj?!