Saturday, May 28, 2011

Look Who Got The Game Ball

Aubrey begged Coach Colette to let her play short stop Thursday night. Colette told her she could, but Aubs had to make sure she'd be tough and let nothing get past her.

So when a hard grounder was hit to her, she ran up on the ball, snagged it in her glove, kept her head on straight, and threw it directly and accurately to first base.

The runner managed to beat the ball to the bag, but I was up and cheering like crazy watching that kind of cool on the field from my kid.

Coach Colette obviously felt the same way, too, signing the ball with "Great Snag, Aubrey!"

Aubrey went to sleep that night so happy, which was especially nice because she'd been really sad to leave Box R on our visit Thursday. She'd wanted to skip her game, but understood her team was counting on her to play that night. So proud of her that day for many reasons.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Aubrey, you'll really listened to your coach and played your position as she'd wanted you to.
Gongrats on getting the game ball and I'm glad you left the ranch to support your team.
Have you any more games? Maybe Monday the 6th when we come into town - right? time?
See you SO SOON and the rest of your family, too.
Grammy Jan Jan

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Aubrey. Short stop is a hard position to play, and you did it perfectly! Pretty cool to get a game ball, especially with "nice snag" on it. Thank you, coach for the super acknowledgement.
Proud, proud, proud of you!

Anonymous said...

VERY cute picture, Aubs