Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bottle Sounds

For this year's Science Fair, Aubrey got curious about sounds bottles make when they a) have different water levels, and b) are tapped on or blown into.
She started out with identical bottles with different levels of water (which of course had to be a snazzy color). 
She then got out her keyboard and tried to find a note that matched the sound the bottles made, first when blown into, and secondly, when tapped. Finding the notes was hard, and she needed some help from me, but she thought it was really fun to do this experiment.
What she found out: 
*Taps sounds go lower in pitch as the water rises -- because the tap vibrations get bigger with more liquid.
*Blows go higher in pitch as water rises -- because the air vibrations have less space to fill when there's more liquid, which means the vibrations go faster and higher.

After many long week night and weekend hours, she had her "What I Wondered" and "What I Found Out" sections laid out on her board. Below, she tells one of the judges (her teacher, Debi) about her experiment and its implications.
 Way to go, Aubrey!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Aubs. Seems you and Dane pick more difficult science projects each year. Way to go.
I didn't realize the blowing and tapping would make reverse sounds coming from your bottles.

Anonymous said...

Most interesting, Aubrey.
Love again,
Grammy Jan Jan
Any way you can set up the bottles when we're in Ashland in June and we could actually hear the different sounds?

Anonymous said...

hi mommy,
bye bye mommy


Anonymous said...

Dear mommy,
Thank you for doing a blog for me, I like it so much.


KUrlie said...

Awesome job, Aubrey!
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

I love your wonderful project. I wish I had asked you HOW you ever thought it up while you were here.

The display board is beautiful. It makes me want to burst out singing with all those notes on it. And, I love the spring colors.
Do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti...OOPS! We don't get to start again with do.(there are only seven bottles)

Good job using your keyboard!

Well done,

Anonymous said...

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Dear Aubrey,
We are looking forward to having you explain your science project to us when we come visit you very soon. It looks like a beautiful presentation of an interesting subject. I'll knowa lot more about it after you explain it to me. OK?