Friday, May 27, 2011

Box R or Bust

The 4th graders had a blast.

Mick and Dane's friend Memmo's dad, Dave.

They balanced and jumped and hung and fell their way through the obstacle course. They rode the hanging oil drum "bucking bronco," they shot arrows at the archery range. They also ziplined, rowed, and swam at a lake while the temperature outside was 50 degrees. They gathered sticks and made dream catchers, hiked in rain and hail, slept in tipis, took turns at KP, howled like wolves, and roasted marshmallows round the fire.

And if they were Dane, they also roasted wet socks. And "accidently" burned them.

Those 27 fourth-graders came back today grimy, dragging, and happy. They were a little queasy from the bus ride home, but you could tell it didn't matter. Their teacher set them up with an awesome adventure.

When I asked Dane at dinner what the highlight of his trip was, he said, "Being with Dad."

Dane and Dad.

Mick said he loved being there for Dane, too, even though it was cold and a lot of work. He also said one of his highlights was that our niece, Indi, came and sat on his lap the first night at campfire.

Such a great time.

Dane and Nic.

Dane and Aubs when Aubs and I dropped in for a couple hours.

Our friend Linda and her daughter Alex.

Linda and Alex.

Dane and me. Dane says, "Creepy smile Dane."

Mick, Aubs, and Indi.

KP duty.


Anonymous said...

I've wondered what Dane & Indi experienced on their overnights and days 'somewhere in Oregon'. And then to top it off with Mick spending quality time with Dane who just loved hanging out with Dad. Wow! Can't get any better.
What a fully packed couple of days - you noticed that, too, Mick?
You'll have to point out just where Box R Ranch is.
Pleased you and Aubs could visit for a bit, Anjie.
Mom, Grammy Jan Jan & JJJ

Anonymous said...

I don't think it could have gotten any better. Sounds like you were in training for Navy Seals or Green Berets! How did the "socks" taste?
"Being with Dad." Awesome for both of you! I have such wonderful memories of times with my dad and the things he did to make things special in me and my siblings. "Way to Dad," Mick.
Big Share/Mema