Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Someone's a Hot Shot

For eight months, Aubrey's been asking the gymnastics coordinator at the 'Y' what she needs to do to move up a level in class.

She's been taking gymnastics off and on for over a year (taking breaks for ski season and baseball season) and she's always been told that she needs to improve something. (I never told Aubs this, but she was always told to work on some random skill she'd already had checked off -- it almost felt like the coordinator had too much on her hands and didn't want to think about at the time. But that's okay! I kept that to myself and encouraged a good go-getter attitude.)

And, bless her heart, Aubrey's always said, "Okay!" Sometimes she'd tell me she thought she'd already done that skill well for them, but she'd keep practicing.

So this girl practices gymnastics ALL the time -- even in ski boots on the ski slope when her skis are off. She does hand stands on the living room floor all afternoon and evening, practicing push-ups from the hand stand position against the door. She also does back bends with these crazy high arches where her hands are touching her feet and her ribs look like a table top -- and then she does a kickover.

Let's just say she has some serious skills and persistence that I look at with great admiration.

Now her hard work and persistence and passion have paid off -- and she's a Hot Shot! (a.k.a. Intermediate gymnast.) Her classes will go from one hour once a week to 1-1/2 hours twice a week. And we're up for it.

Way to go, Aubrey!


Anonymous said...

I've seen all that hard work, but didn't understand that she was working toward a goal. I just thought she LOVED doing cartwheeels and handstands. Way to go Aubrey! Looking forward to another report on the Intermediate Class.


Jennie Englund said...

Yay, Aubrey! How fun!

You are hardworking and lucky!

When do you start?

anjie said...

Well, GrandDad, you're right -- she LOVES doing cartwheels and handstands! So, it was a labor of love.

You wouldn't believe the hug Aubrey gave me during a water break, when she squealed, "Mommy, they put me in the hot shot group!"

Anonymous said...

Sweet Aubs,
Except when reading you're a tornado of action. I can really understand why you're a Hot Shot! Keep on keeping on, kiddo. You're passion is obvious and the results show that. Go, girl, go!
Grammy Jan Jan

Anonymous said...

Fantastic, Aubs!!
I really like the way you stick to your task and get it done or make it better. Way to go.
Love, Mema