Friday, June 11, 2010

Last Day of School

Aubrey made this card for her teacher, Inge.
Inge's very stylish and pretty.

Dane made this card for his teacher.
Debi's very natural and outdoorsy -- and loves birds.

Throughout the year, I continually evaluate whether I think Dane and Aubrey are being pushed hard enough in school. I often wonder whether they're up to speed with what children their ages in other schools or states are learning -- in terms of spelling, math, and science.

But one thing I always notice is that they love their teachers, they love their peers, and they love going to Walker. For that reason, I'll continue to gauge their academic skills, and supplement a lot from home, but I'll keep sending them into that happy, healthy learning environment -- and remind myself that a child's developmental growth isn't only measured by academics.

Bye-bye, 2nd and 3rd grades! Hello 3rd and 4th!


Jennie Englund said...

Lovely post -- and kiddos!

Anonymous said...

Very nice cards, kids. I'm sure your teachers loved getting such nice messages from you. And I'm sure they will miss you too.
Next year you will have two new teachers to love just as much! I remember that I ALWAYS loved my teachers and was very sorry to have to move on from them.
Love you. Mema

Jessica said...

Wonderful educational philosophy. Lovely photos. Three cheers for great teachers, too!